18th Edition: Are You In The Know?

Despite an intensive publicity campaign ahead of the mandatory introduction of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations on 1st January 2019, an exclusive survey of electrical professionals carried out by Hager, shows that many still admit to lacking confidence when it comes to fully understanding the changes, and cite AFDDs and surge protection as the technical areas causing them the most concern.

The research looked at whether those in the electrical trade were feeling fully confident that they understood all the changes detailed in the 18th Edition.  Just over half (55 per cent), said they did feel fully confident, but the remaining 45 per cent admitted they still do not fully understand all the rule changes.

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When asked if they felt prepared to comply with the 18th Edition amendments, two thirds said they were prepared, but 34 per cent answered no.

AFDD and surge protection topped the list of technical areas causing most concern to the industry as it adapts to a new regulatory landscape. Nearly half (48 per cent) highlighted AFDDs when asked which area of the 18th Edition they were least sure about, while nearly one third (29 per cent) selected surge protection measures.  Amendments to overload protection, RCDs and device incorporation all appear to be well understood, according to the survey.

Interestingly, those in the trade have relied upon online help to get themselves up-to-speed with the 18th Edition. Online sources were favoured over other channels by 44 per cent of electricians.  Industry bodies were cited by 30 per cent of the electricians questioned as a favoured supplier of relevant and appropriate information.

While the 18th Edition changes are already mandatory in the marketplace, and despite more than half of electrical professionals saying they are fully confident about their knowledge levels, the majority (81 per cent) still intend to seek further guidance and invest in additional training this year.

Paul Collins for Hager, commented: “After the high profile lead-in period to the introduction of the 18th Edition, it is perhaps unsurprising that electrical contractors in the main feel fully confident about the new rules and how to enforce them.

“However, there remains a significant proportion who admit to a lack of full 18th Edition knowledge and the potential for non-compliance when undertaking installations. For this group in particular, as well as for the industry in general, it is welcome to see that the vast majority intend to seek further training to supplement their knowledge and acquire new skills to comply.”

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