Best Buy electric showers for 2016 revealed by Which? tests

The latest electric showers from the biggest brands have gone head-to-head in the Which? test lab, revealing two outstanding Best Buys. Their independent lab tests show that the best electric showers produce plenty of hot water and don’t turn too hot or cold if someone runs a tap or flushes a loo while you’re showering.

Which? uncover two Best Buy electric showers in brand new tests

Which? uncover two Best Buy electric showers in brand new tests

But their tests also uncovered that some models turn scaldingly hot or icy cold when mains water is used elsewhere – and they’ll leave you shivering on your bath mat for ages while you wait for the temperature to recover.One shower got so hot during testing we think you’d find showering painful - and it’s a model from a premium brand.

Electric shower reviewsWe tested models ranging from basic 8.5kW models costing less than £100 to premium, high-powered 10.5kW versions with price tags of £350 plus.Two showers stand out from the crowd and are good enough to be crowned Best Buys.

These models deliver a plentiful shower and won't swing between temperature extremes when mains water is used elsewhere.If you’re after a shower that looks good, the Aqualisa Lumi 10.5kW, Aqualisa Quartz XTE 9.5kW and Mira Azora 9.8kW have mirrored, chrome or frosted glass finishes and should make a style statement in your bathroom - though expect to pay in the ballpark of £300 for a designer model.

For the full lowdown on buying the best type of shower for your bathroom, including which type is compatible with your water system - check out their individual guides to power, mixer, digital and electric showers.

Powerful electric showersWhich? showers expert Jess O’Leary said: ‘In general, the higher the wattage the more water can be heated and delivered through the shower head. So choosing a more powerful model will help you wash away soap suds more quickly.

‘But their tests found virtually no difference in spray pressure between models, meaning cheaper showers shouldn’t feel less powerful than pricier rivals.’

Electric shower reviews

Click on the links below to read the individual review of all the showers we’ve tested.

Aqualisa Lumi 10.5kW - £319 - £400

Aqualisa Quartz XTE9.5kW - £295

Bristan Joy 9.5kW - £130Creda Vitality Plus 9.5kW - £80

Galaxy Aqua 4000si 9.5kW - £170

Grohe Tempesta 100 9.5kW - £127

Mira Azora 9.8kW - £287Mira Go 9.5kW - £103

Mira Sport 9.8kW - £240Triton Cara 8.5kW - £50

Triton T80z Fast-Fit 9.5kW - £100

Triton T300si Remote 10.5kW - £287

Wickes Hydro Plus 8.5kW - £70