Infant school asking whole community to switch off electricity for a day

HAVE you ever wondered what life would be like without electricity? - One North Devon infant school is planning to find out.

South Molton Infant School is looking to get as many groups and businesses as possible to sign up to its electricity free, Totally Unplugged event, planned for July.

The school has already held a number of electricity free days but now wants to involve the whole community.

South Molton Infant School head teacher Tom Parkin wants to teach his children and the wider community about the damage electricity production can have on the environment.

He said: "If everyone used less electricity we could develop a system which is largely powered by renewable energy sources.

"We are very aware of our electricity usage in the school and we want to raise awareness of this across the country and to see a real difference in the amount of electricity used during the day.

"When the electricity is off we have to start thinking in creative ways and we want to encourage people to engage in their natural learning environment."

Businesses, households, and community groups can take part in the event in a number of different ways.

It could be as simple as turning off a light in the office or house which would normally be on.

Businesses are encouraged to shut down any unnecessary electrical appliances such as unused computers, lights, or TVs.

Mr Parkin would like as many different groups as possible to turn off their electricity completely but understands this is not always possible.

"We're hoping enough schools, businesses, groups and households take part to have an impact on the local power grid and perhaps even the national grid," said Mr Parkin.

Since taking over in April 2013 Mr Parkin has introduced a number of projects to help his students better understand the environment and the affect humans have on it.

Alongside the event on July 7 his pupils will be learning about energy production and the effects of pollution on the environment.

A number of other schools in the area have been approached to take part.

If you are interested in supporting the event you can either visit the school's Twitter page by searching "South Molton Primary" or search Facebook for the "Totally Unplugged" page.

Alternatively you can contact Mr Parkin via email or by phone on 01769 572198.