Is a popular phrase used to describe an electrical installation Condition Report (EICR) new name from 2012 and formerly called Periodic Inspection Report. 

According to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, all landlords and employers are obliged to ensure that all their electrical systems in their building are well maintained and safe for use. To achieve this duty, a periodic inspection and test should be performed and certified in accordance with the standards outlined by the BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations. These condition reports act as an assurance to the employer or landlord that their electrical systems are safe and can help rid them of any liability in the unfortunate event of accident or injury at their premises. It is also important to note that insurance companies will not offer insurance policies unless up to date certificates can be provided.

Fixed wire periodic inspection and testing includes the testing of all hard wired circuits within the electrical installation such as the lighting, socket outlets, fixed power points for machinery in the industrial sector and heating etc... It is recommended by the IEE that the maximum duration between periodic inspections in domestic properties is 10 years, commercial properties 5 years and industrial facilities every 3 years. These time scales are only a guide and the competent person carrying out the inspection and testing of an installation can reduce these time periods if they deem appropriate.

Our experienced engineers will perform a number of tests on the electrical system to establish each circuit is operating within the accepted parameters, therefore ensuring the safety of the installation. As some of these tests require the isolation of the system, we will work closely with the client to avoid or reduce any 'downtime' or disruption to their operation by offering our services to suit them (i.e. weekends, evenings, nights). In the event of a problem being discovered during the testing process which can be deemed as either a recommendation or dangerous, our
Electrical Division can undertake any remedial works to ensure the clients compliance with the safety standards.

Optima Installations and Maintenance Ltd compliance division will deliver a proficient and professional service ensuring the clients electrical systems are safe and certified to comply with British standards, as well as insurance policy requirements.

Our aim is to ensure all projects meet the relevant legislative and code of practice standards and are delivered safely, within timescale and budget.