Fire Safety Testing

We aim to make it incredibly simple to protect your business and meet insurance requirements with our fire and safety service which are fully compliant with British safety standards.

Whether you run your own business or you are a homeowner,
protecting your family, employees and property from fire is a vital consideration and it is essential that you use an adequate fire detection and warning system. These efficient detection and warning systems play a crucial role in warning persons, aiding their safe evacuation and in locating and containing the fire. It is therefore essential that the fire safety systems in place are effectively maintained to ensure correct functionality and reliability when called into service.

According to the BS 5839 2002 Part 1, after installation, every system should be regularly tested and serviced. Regular maintenance guarantees the equipment is operating effectively and that it is in full compliance with the British standards requirements. This part 1 of the British standard recommends:

  • The user to keep a daily record of any faults that occur and then report them to the appropriate person(s)
  • The user should activate different detectors or call points on a weekly basis to ensure their operation and again record any faults and report
  • A quarterly check by competent person(s) to check the log books, activate detectors and call points, simulate faults, checking control panel operation and visual checks to determine any alterations to the structure, logging all results
  • Annually to conduct the usual quarterly checks and to test every detector in actual service and wiring and cable fittings are secure.

Optima's team of qualified technicians will deliver a proficient and professional testing and maintenance service, giving the client peace of mind in the knowledge that their fire safety systems are operating effectively and are in compliance with British standards and insurance policy requirements.

Our aim is to ensure all projects meet the requirements of the relevant legislative and code of practice standards and are delivered safely, within timescale and budget.