Emergency Light Testing

All emergency lighting systems are required to be subject to regular testing and inspection to ensure correct operation when required to operate in an emergency

The protection and safety of persons in an emergency situation is of paramount importance. Suitable emergency lighting systems need to operate effectively and efficiently to ensure the safe evacuation of a building in the event of main lighting failure. It is crucial that these systems are continually well maintained and operate within the legislative and British standard requirements.

The BS 7671 and more specifically the BS 5266 places a duty for the provision and the regular testing and maintenance of emergency lighting. This is most effectively achieved through consistent inspection and testing regimes. We at Optima Installations and Maintenance ltd provide a full testing and maintenance service. This will ensure the clients systems are effective and fulfil their legal obligations. 

According to the BS 5266, it is recommended that the inspection and testing of emergency luminaires and escape route signs, self contained emergency luminaires and signs and central battery systems should:

  • undergo a daily visual inspection of the indictors of the central power supply and fittings by the user. Any faults should be logged and reported
  • be checked on a monthly basis testing the automatic operation of all luminaires and exit signs after simulation of fault causing normal lighting failure. A short duration test on automatic testing devices need to performed and recorded. Also each of these luminaires and signs are to be cleaned and checked they are functioning properly as well as the central battery systems monitors. Any faults should be recorded and reported to the appropriate person(s)
  • as well as the monthly tests, the automatic testing device should be performed for the full rated duration and results must be recorded. In addition, each luminaire and sign shall be tested according to the manufacturers information. The date of the test and the results must be logged in the system logbook.

Our qualified testing and maintenance team will deliver a proficient and professional service, ensuring the clients emergency lighting systems are operating effectively and are in compliance with British standards and insurance policy requirements.

Our aim is to ensure all projects meet the requirements of the relevant legislative and code of practice
standards and are delivered safely, within timescale and budget.